Sunday, February 17, 2008


The Flyers are hitting their hardest slump of the season, the Sixers look like they might get into the playoffs. So is anyone ready for baseball? I know that a new washers set and cornhole set have already been completed, paving the way for many glorious afternoons spent drinking beers off Pattison Ave. Anyway, I'm not going to get into a long-winded preview, but I will direct you to the following previews, which are much better then what I would have done.
A good preview with some stats, lists, and quick looks at some new players and guys to watch in camp.
An awesome look at the link between facial hair and winning baseball games.
Other than that just check out or the for solid Phillies coverage.

As for the above picture and the title of this post, you have almost surely seen the picture of Pat Burrel, shirtless, lifting weights. I posted it last year on the ill fated Rope-A-Dopes blog. Anyway, someone on the Phils had the brilliant idea to put the picture on t-shirts with the question "Man or Machine" underneath. Funny? Yes. Motivational? Not sure.

If you haven't seen Anna Benson yet (wife of new Phillies pitcher Kris) Google that shit.

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Perfect Friend said...

I agree hair makes you win games