Wednesday, March 5, 2008

76ers Poor Playoff Position

I really hate when people say "hey the eastern conference sucks, we need to revamp the play off system." To me that argument forgets that the East used to dominate, we have won two of last four finals and everything is circular. (And by "we" I mean the conference, as Philly in general has won nothing.) It is much like the idea of Chinese food acquired from stores with bulletproof glass (normally called something along the lines of "#1 Chinese Food" or "China Garden" something creative you know.) and playoff college football, are things I can respect in theory, but not in practice. (Would women have played better there?)

Anyway, my opinion changed yesterday when I was reviewing a standard issue article about how a new playoff system was needed in the NBA. The author went through the usual reasons explaining why: there are two teams over .500 not making the playoffs in the west, two to four under .500 teams in east who will be making it, superstar movement through the conferences recently has benifited the west and the fact that the west has won all but two of the chips in the post Jordon era; you know lots of good reasons. Fucking great. I don't care; I won't be convinced I told myself. That was until I noticed that one of the teams not making the playoffs in the west was the Denver Nuggets.

The bottom line is we can not accept a situation where the team we traded Iverson to, for three first round picks ends up getting a comparable lottery pick to what we got, in addition to Iverson. Think about it that will mean the trade composed of:
To Sixers:
(g) Andre Miller- been great, but was originally brought in here to be showcase trade chip for us to get talented, athletic swingmen under B. King.
3 First Round Picks- which became
13 (f) T. Young- Great, doing great. Just what B. King had in mind
20 (f) Jason Smith- Also doing ok, smart player.
30 Pick traded to Utah who became this 7 foot monster European Guy, who stayed in Europe, but will definitely resurface and be the kind of guys announcers will call a "force."

To Nuggets:
(g) Allen Iverson- I intend on crying when he returns to the Wachovia Center.
Pick 14- Which is one pick below ours if you didn't catch that.

(I know there is Joe Smith, etc also, but is that doing anything for us?)

I know it is a different draft year and I am leaving a few things out, and dont think I wont root for the sixers to make the playoffs....all I am saying is it feels we traded Iverson to move up one spot in the draft essentially, while the nuggets get better and better. My thinking has changed, I now think the entire playoff system needs to be revamped, not now but right now. I have to go; I am spilling General Tso's Chicken from Super China Restaurant all over the keyboard.


Rob said...

The Sonics traded Ray Allen a few months after we traded Iverson. They got Delonte West, Wally Szczerbiak, and the rights to the 2007 No. 5 overall pick which turned out to be Jeff Green. Sometimes this keeps me up at night.

BC said...

Rob said...

Here's another way to look at it: the team that traded Iverson makes the playoffs. the team that traded for him does not.