Monday, March 17, 2008

Blacklight Tattoos

File this one in the archives under: Great Idea #1,092:

Blacklight tattoos.

For all those tattoos that you wanted to know, like a cheesesteak on your face...FUCK YOU written across you forehead...maybe a giant pirate ship on your rib cage - all those great ideas you had for tattoos but were too scared to get can now be had as a blacklight tattoo.

It's the perfect invention for an indecisive age.

Can't decide on the President but want to show your support? Get a profile of Barack on your back and McCain on your chest (If you change your mind you can always get a nice color image of Hilary down by your good 'n plentys).

Into weed but don't think your boss will appreciate a pot leaf on the back of your hand?

Blacklight that shit.

Bam! Problem solved (unless your boss is real into blacklights himself).

Passionate about sports but do too much bandwagoning?

Blacklight blacklight blacklight.

You could have the Eagles on one bicep and the Cowboys on the other one. Just don't go flexing both arms at once.

You could even play a drinking game with it.

Everybody writes down a bunch of crazy tattoo ideas on paper and you all pick randomly.

In fact, I have a feeling that blacklight tattoo parlors would only be open from like midnight to 8 AM.

Imagine making a couple of late night blacklight tattoo parlor visits when you are blackout drunk.

The next time you get in front of a blacklight it will be, I am gay is written on my forearm....Steve's a jerk is written across my chest....Superfly is now tattooed on the shaft of my penis.

Okay, so greatest idea ever, right?

You're probably thinking: I am going to go out tonight and open a blacklight tattoo parlor. I'll be rich! Thanks Rob.

Or you're gonna do what I just did, which is: google blacklight tattoos.

I'll save you the effort and show you a blacklight tattoo here and another one here.

Also, this is a blacklight tattoo used to enhance a regular tattoo.

So it's already been invented, eh?

No big deal.

It could still be a pretty sweet band name.


Perfect Friend said...

this really may be the reason you were put on this earth. To spread this gospel.

Steven said...