Monday, March 3, 2008

Some Quick Hits On A Monday

Well, we made it to March here in the 2-1-5.

If we actually had a real winter, this is when the snow would start to melt and we would get to see grass for the first time in a while.

Instead, thanks to Al Gore, it's just another month where it's kinda nice out but still not that nice.

It's cool though, because March is a pretty solid month regardless.

We got Daylight Savings, St. Patrick's, March Madness, and Opening Day....not a bad deal.

All great opportunites to booze those beers, call in sick from work and/or play hookey.

Yeah, you heard me right. Play hookey. I don't know why that phrase isn't used more often.

My recommendations for this month include:

1. Watching any Spring Training baseball game that is on TV. Something about seeing baseball on TV really sets the whole spring/summer thing in motion...especially when these games are played in Florida or Arizona. (bonus points: watch for those sleek new Phils and their Skoal Bandits).

2. Doing something outside any chance you get. It gets you practice for when the weather finally turns, and it's important to dust off those cobwebs that come from months of sitting inside watching Law & Order while drinking Lager Bottles.

3. Taking off work for the first day in March Madness. Pretty much self-explanatory.

And finally,

4. Gin Buckets. Daylight Savings begins this Sunday. Which means longer days. Which means day drinking. Which means gin buckets. The recipe is pretty simple: A bottle of gin, a bottle of sprite, and 7 lemons and limes, all thrown together into a bucket with ice and 2 turkey basters used to get yourself a shot. Good times.

Oh, and this doesn't really count as a recommendation, because it's pretty much like spitting into the ocean, but go ahead and get drunk for St. Patty's Day, on Guinness preferably, because it's the day where everyone is Irish (except of course, the gays and the Italians).

I am going to leave you with 2 links.

One is a picture, one is a video, both kind of blew me away.

I've never seen Rachel Ray's husband, but I bet he has a name like Tariq or Terrell.

Umm...Our Philadelphia Eagles put your hands up? File this one under: Randall Cunningham is smoove.

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