Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Better than the Best Sex with Oshun, the AfroCarribean Godess of Sex

Everyone is familiar with the Macho Man Randy Savage from his days in the Square Circle. Savage was know for delivering the most serious smackdown in the storied history of sports entertainment. However never content with with being a one trick pony, Savage has entered into the rap game. With powerful and delicious results.

In perhaps the freshest debut disk to drop of all time, Savage delivers cut after classic cut of raw and powerful street verse. Directly from the corners, Savage's hypnotic and boastful rhymes tell it how it is. Backed by melodic and bumping beats courtesy of DJ Kool, who delivers on his name sake, the disk is a musical journey through the concrete jungle that is not to be believed by mere mortal men. Savage urges his listeners to "put their face in it" and they can only justly conclude that "they are not ready."

In the signature and cutting edge single "Be a Man," Savage delivers a full frontal blitzkrieg on Hulk Hogan. In verse after hard hitting verse, Savage unleashes the four horsemen on Hogan, belittling his manhood and Hulkamania. Hogan has yet to respond in kind. Truly Hogan is not real in street and as Savage points out Hogan's "acting and his movies are both trash." The Macho Man has no need to even make this powerful piece of prose rhyme, it's realness can be found in its poignant truth and the fierce street cred that Savage boasts. In deed, Savages' name is known through out the rough and rugged urban heart land where his CD will no doubt be an immediate chart topper.

Savage gets gutter and spews some of the sickest and most introspective verses of all time. In "Perfect Friend," Savages' powerful baritone laments the passing of fellow Face turned Heel Mr. Perfect. Savage is backed by a soulful and, most would agree, beautiful R&B hook; which swoons back and forth and makes even the most hardened member of the street team want to remember his dunns. He does have the Perfect Friend's back, buddy system style.

The passion and pride of the CD is apparent from the first fist pumping moment when Macho's producer introduces the newest playa in the game with the skill and ability of a young DJ Clue. The CD is simply too powerful for words and hence a star rating would not even do it justice.

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